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We believe that God does amazing things when we pray. We believe that connecting with our Father in prayer is one of the most beautiful gifts we’ve been given, and one of the most powerful tools we can use in bringing the Kingdom on earth. The resources on this page have been designed to help people pray in their homes as part of our 24 Hours of Prayer in June 2020, but they will stay here afterwards so that anyone can access them after the event. 


How to Navigate our Resources

You will see a variety of headings below, under which different resources have been grouped. Check out each of the topics in the different tracks, or head to the Creative Track to find ‘out of the box’ ideas for praying if you want to try something different!

Racism, Poverty and the Persecuted Church

St. Paul’s, UK Government and the Gospel

Ideas for using movement, art and words creatively in prayer

After the 24 Hours – Chrissie’s Testimony:

“I was praying that God would raise up the voices of those whom he has placed in positions of influence for this time- to speak truth and offer answers and bring about change. I prayed, as I have many times, that ‘God, you knew what 2020 would be before any of us did, when we still made 2020 out to be this big year of vision-‘ 

And then this thought just dropped. What if 2020 still IS a year of God’s vision? 

In February, before lockdown, my sister Fi spoke really powerfully at the Embrace conference about ‘the God who sees me.’ She spoke from the story of Hagar, whom God found in her distress and spoke life into her situation until Hagar declared ‘You are the God who sees me.’ Fi spoke about how God  sees you across space and time, all of who we are and who we’re called to be; and how God sees you, straight to the heart of where we are right now.

So what if 2020 is a year of God’s vision? What if 2020 is the year that God sees us (all of who we are and can be) and sees us (right to the heart)? What if he’s saying ‘I see you, people who are beaten back by racial oppression, I see you who are poor and marginalised, I see you who hold up society and get little reward, I see you people who thought you were above it all- And I will let the world see you too.’

And if that is what God is saying, what do we do? Do we open our eyes to see? Do we run with God’s vision? Do we join with what he is doing? Can we pray for the oppressed, get alongside the poor and marginalised, thank those who hold us up and be humble enough to admit our pride, that we sometimes think of ourselves above it all? If God is saying ‘I see you’, can I see you too? Can we see each other too?”


It’s so wonderful to get kids involved in prayer! If you’re looking for resources which you can engage with as a family, check out the Parkin family’s resource on the St. Paul’s Community in the UK Track, and Jennifer and Simon’s Midweek Challenge Video this week. If you want to get creative, why not browse our suggestions in the Creative Track too and see if you can do something together, like a prayer walk or prayer poem!

Midweek Challenge Video!

Other Resources 

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