At St. Paul’s, we want to root everything we do in prayer.

We give opportunites in the life of the church for times of corporate prayer as well as encouraging each other in our personal prayer lives.


Prayer life plays a vital role on a Sunday during the morning gathering and there is always dedicated time at the end for prayer ministry.

Boiler Room & Friday Night

Every Wednesday morning from 7:30am, a small group gather to pray for individuals, the church and the world. Use the form below to ask for prayer.

On Friday evenings, from 7.30 – 8.15pm, there is also a prayer gathering for those who can’t make mornings. 


Every third Wednesday of the month, we gather in the evening from 7.45pm to worship and pray informally.

Prayer Weeks

About once a term, we hold prayer weeks, where the entire church is called to pray during a variety of different slots throughout the week. Different people take responsibility for gathering and equipping others and prayer takes different forms, including the contemplative and creative. Each week finishes with a shared lunch after the service on the Sunday.

Prayer Request?

We have a team of people committed to praying for the needs of others. If you have a prayer request, please complete the form and send it to us and we will send it to our prayer chain. Absolute discretion will be exercised at all times. We can’t reply personally to requests but be assured that we will pray.

Prayer Request?