Vision & Values

Transforming Communities through

Encountering Jesus & Making Disciples

Our desire here at St. Paul’s is to see every person and community saved, healed and restored by the love and power of Jesus.

This desire speaks into the life of our church family, where we seek to encounter Jesus, make disciples and transform communties.


Jesus’ central theme was ushering in the Kingdom of God. This is nothing short of a transformation of everything, from ‘what it is’ into ‘what it was created to be’. We understand the flow of human history, converging at that point where Jesus returns and renews everything. Until then, we, as His followers, pray and act to see His kingdom come ‘on earth as in heaven.’


At St. Paul’s Church, we recognise that we are all broken human beings. We are all works in the procress of transformation. We understand that it is only in the presence of God that we are changed and, if we are to change the world, we first need to be changed. Encountering the risen Jesus in our individual and corporate lives must be the starting point for all mission and ministry.


The Biblical mandate to make disciples is at the centre of this transformation. Jesus’ desire was for humans to flourish or ‘have life to the full’. We recognise that this is ultimately only possible through accepting Jesus as Saviour and following Him. Making disciples begins with connecting with not-yet believers and continues throughout our lives as we each grow in faith and love.


Our values give expression to the ‘how’ of our vision. We’re not the finished article yet, but we’re getting there!

The values spell grace because grace underpins Jesus’ mission to us and thus our mission to the world, including each other.

Generosity – we aim to reflect the abundant, overwhelming generosity of God in the communities we inhabit

Real – we aim to be honest about life, how we live it and our need for Jesus

Accessible – we try to take away anything that gets in the way of Jesus, especially in the way we invite and welcome unchurched people

Connecting – we want to form deep connections with each other, with our communities and most of all with Jesus

Empowered – we are empowered by the Holy Spirit, to be and do all that we are created for