Jo Moody Healing Workshop

In September, we’re delighted to have Jo Moody and her ministry team, the Agape Freedom Fighters, join us for a weekend of training and practice in healing ministry. Jo has an incredible personal testimony of God’s healing power after being radically healed of fourteen years of chronic back and pelvic pain in 2013.

She now travels the world equipping and training churches with practical, theologically-grounded training. 

On Saturday 14th September from 2.30-5pm, Jo and her team will be leading a training session at St Paul’s, based around praying for the sick. We will then have lots of opportunities to practice ministering in the power of the Spirit with two Healing Celebrations. The first will be on the Saturday evening at St Oswald’s Church, Gloucester and then again on Sunday 15th September in the 6.30pm evening gathering at St Paul’s.

The weekend will provide a fantastic opportunity to grow in understanding of healing ministry and practice blessing the communities around us.

To sign up for the workshop, please click here