Kids’ Consent Form 2021 – Click HERE

We are blessed with a large number of children in the St. Paul’s family and we are passionate about ensuring that they are valued and integrated fully into church life. We have a great team of wonderful volunteers who ensure that firm foundations are laid for a life of following Jesus.

Every Sunday the first section of our worship includes our ‘community slot’ and action song. The children then proceed to their groups according to age and stage, see below for more details.

St. Paul’s Minis is our group for children aged from 18 months to four years old. Children can join the Minis when they can sit on a chair unaided and walk confidently. In St. Paul’s Minis, we love to immerse ourselves in Bible Stories, make friends and play. Drink and snack is provided. 

Babies are welcome in the gathering, however we encourage all parents to use groups. Before your baby is 18 months old, there are options to ensure babies and parents are comfortable. There are armchairs at the back of church for breastfeeding mums and a room to the side of the church is available for wriggly children. We ask parents of babies under a year old not to go into Minis as the space is limited, however depending on the capacity, there is the possibility that 1 parent may take a 12-18 month old into minis. Please contact Jemima to see if this is possible.


 St. Paul’s Kids is our group for children aged 4-10 years, Reception to Year 5. Children join Kids in their second term of Reception so that they can settle into school first. In St. Paul’s Kids, we love to hear stories from the Bible, worship God with music, learn more about God, make things together and play.

 Contact Jemima, our Trainee Children’s Pastor, HERE to find out more about St. Paul’s Kids’ Ministry!