The journey through university has many ups and downs and our prayer is that every student at St Paul’s finds family in our community and ultimately, that they will get to know Jesus more through their time at university! 

We want to do all we can to make sure that you feel totally part of St Paul’s family. 

Adopt a Student

Every students at St Paul’s has the opportunity to be “adopted” by a family in the church. Your adoptive church parents will commit to praying for you and supporting you. They will also (very importantly) feed you regularly! 

Mid-Week Small Groups

At St Paul’s we don’t run specific student small groups as we want our students to get stuck into the wider Church Family. We really encourage students to attend a small group. These happen all across Cheltenham on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. Some of these groups are currently meeting on ZOOM and others have started meeting in the church building. Small Groups provide a great opportunity to meet people from the wider church family, to support and pray for each other and to go deeper with Jesus. 

Student Events and Socials

Throughout the term we hope to give students opportunities to meet each other and build community. Usually we do monthly student lunches (where the lasagne is legendary- one day you can try it!!) and have various student meals and socials throughout the year. 

At the moment we are planning to organise some brunches over the next few weeks, where small groups of students can meet each other and some of the Students Team at the school house cafe. There will also some student zoom fun coming soon!

If you want to get involved, find out more or grab a coffee, then please sign up below and we will get in touch with all the information about what’s going on.