Welcome to St Paul’s in Cheltenham.

We’re a family friendly church and we aim to be fun, friendly and full of the life of Jesus. We believe and teach the whole Bible and rely on the Holy Spirit to empower us to live for Jesus.

We articulate our purpose in terms of Transforming Communities through Encountering Jesus and Making Disciples and our corporate mission is focused on the community of St Paul’s, however we want to empower all our members to transform whatever communities they are part of.

We love gathering together to worship both in the big on a Sunday and in the small, midweek in people’s homes. However, we believe that the core of following Jesus is an individual, personal relationship with Him expressed in private prayer, study and other practices.

We’d love you to visit and maybe even explore if God is calling you to join us.

If you don’t yet know Jesus and are thinking of exploring the life He offers, please check out our Alpha page and maybe join the next course.