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What Goes on in Youth?

If you’re a young person looking to get involved, or a parent of a young person, please get in touch using one of the methods below, we would love to hear from you.

Kris Forster – Youth Pastor:

Instagram – stpaulscheltyouth  


Small groups 

Small groups happen every other week and are a chance for a young person to further their faith with other like-minded young people. They’re usually around an hour long with lots of time for games, discussion with leaders and opportunity for prayer. If you’re interested, get in touch with Maddie and Isaac and they will pop you in a group with people of a similar age.


Prayer & Detached work 

Since Covid restrictions were put in place, Friday night youth (a youth club for years 8-13) had to stop, so in partnership with The Rock and Trinity Church we spend either a couple of hours prayer walking around our community, or if restrictions allow we do some detached youth work engaging with young people on their turf. This looks like going to either Pittville park or the town centre in teams and having conversations with young people to show a friendly face and be present in our community. If you’re in Pittville Park on a Friday, or want a chat, look out for us in our black and yellow ‘Youth Worker’ hoodies!


Younger Youth (Years 6-8) 10:30am-11:30am on Sunday Mornings

Join us for a fun time of games, chatter and catching up with each other. It’s a great time to share stories and encouragements from the week just gone, and to explore God and deepen our faith in community with one another. Anyone in years 6-8 is really welcome to join!

Older Youth (Years 9-13) 7:15-8:30pm on Sunday evenings – Sunday Night Sesh 

Sunday Night Sesh is always a time of laughter and silly games, usually led by the young people themselves, and then we have some DMC (Deep Meaningful Chats) time at the end. At the moment our DMC time is ‘Story Time’ one week, where a leader/young person will share a story of what God has done in their life, and ‘Question Time’ the alternate week, answering your big questions around life/faith. We also have a feast on the last Sunday of every month. Join us as we hang out with others of a similar age and grapple with our faith in a safe place. 


We believe a big part of growing as a young person is learning from others who have been on the Christian journey a bit longer and who can spend time, be a listening ear and offer wisdom. We offer one-to-one mentoring for anyone who wants it (in line with our safeguarding policy), so if you’d like to be paired with a mentor, or have any queries do get in touch with us. 


Once per half term we have a social where we’ll do something a bit different as a youth group. Pre-covid this looked like laser tag, and since the pandemic we’ve done quizzes, bake-offs and even managed to get in some in-person socials in Autumn with a Light Night and Pumpkin Patch Party! Keep an eye on emails and our social media for information about the next one.